Project Planning

This first, and in many respects, the most important phase in a project for which communication is a vital key. We believe very heavily in supplying the customer with a product that suits their need without overshooting budgets or time constraints.

With an initial overview of your requirements, we can thus develop a project plan that is convenient to you and ourselves, ensuring that the project runs smoothly from start to completion.

Product Sourcing

We are able to give a great deal of advice in this area - since it is one of our specialities. Product sourcing can be more difficult than it seems - not only because of costs, but also availability, for example, may render a product unsuitable if time constraints are of uttmost importance.


We will also measure the locations for your project so that you are ensured that not only will your chosen design be appropriate, but also practical.


After measuring, we will create proper project plans, indicating layouts for your approval. These provide a clearer indication of critical areas and spacing, ensuring maximum accessibility.


It may sound strange to have development in such a project specification - but dependant upon the overall project plan, product sourcing and design it may be found that some products or a design aspect may become unsuitable. But don't worry - our expertise will soon yield alternatives to render a satisfactory solution...

Adaptations / Product design

Sometimes products may not be suitable 'out of the box' - or indeed a product may just not exist that fulfils your requirement. It is unfortunate that many manufacturers of furniture products do not think of those with special needs when designing a product range (as opposed to individual items). If you require, and if we can, we will adapt products to suit for complete integration into your design - so no one will feel out of place.

Or maybe you are a new type of company and just can't get, for example a work desk, to suit you needs - well talk to us. If necessary and practical to do so, we will create a product to fulfill the task.


Not only will we design and develop a project for you - but we can if you wish install your design. As we know the products, we know what to expect...